The ATM Debit Card adds the convenience of a check card to your STAR® card. You use your ATM Debit Card just like a check at any business which accepts Visa® Debit Cards. The amount you spend will be deducted from your checking account. This eliminates the need for identification and check approval at the millions of locations world wide where the Visa® Debit Card is accepted. Just present your ATM Debit Card and sign the receipt for whatever goods and services you buy. The same card will also work at ATM's and point of sale terminals, with your credit union provided PIN (personal identification number). Visit our ATM Locations.

Due to significant losses and unnecessary disruption to our members, our Visa Credit and Debit Cards are no longer being accepted in some countries. Before traveling, please contact the credit union’s call center or a branch manager for the current list of blocked countries. Sorry for any inconvenience.