Fee Schedule (as of October 2015)

Monthly Processing Fees$4.00
Excess Check Processing Charge After 30 Checks at No Charge$.15 per check
Certified CheckNone
Stop Payment$25.00
Photocopy of Check$5.00
Copies of Checks That Are Available on
Tellie Online
Returned (NSF) Check, ACH (Pre-Authorized Payment) or Returned Bill Pay$27.00
Courtesy Paid Check or ACH Item$27.00
Check or ACH Item paid through Share Transfer$15.00
Line of Credit Overdraft ProtectionNone
Visa® Overdraft ProtectionNone
Checkbook Balancing and Researching Fee (Minimum 15-Minute Charge)$25.00/hour
Re-Open Share Draft Account$25.00
Monthly Service Fee$3.00
HSA Debit CardNo Monthly Fee
Courtesy Paid ATM or Debit Card transaction$27.00
Transfer Funds to Cover Overdraw$15.00
Line Of Credit or VISA Overdraft ProtectionNone
Replace Lost or Stolen STAR ATM & Check Card$10.00
Re-Issue STAR ATM & Check Card After CU Cancel$30.00
Issue Additional ATM & Check Card$10.00
ATM & Check Card Document Fee (copy of sales slip)$10.00
Cash Advance Fee (ATMs and Other Institutions)$2.00
ATM Operator/Network Fees. When you use an ATM not owned by the credit union, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer).
Annual FeesNone
Additional Card$10.00 per card
Replace Lost or Damaged Card$10.00 per card
Document Fee (copy of sales slip)$3.00
Late Payment Fee After 10 Days Late$25.00
Cash Advance Fee (ATM's and Other Institutions)$2.00
First Mortgage Loans - Application fees and closing costs vary. Please contact Loan Department for estimates. Late Payment Fee: Five percent (5%) of the principal and interest payment after 15 days late.
Home Equity Loans - Application fees and closing costs vary. Please contact Loan Department for estimates. Late Payment Fee: Three percent (3%) of the minimum monthly payment due, no less than $1, no more than $15.00, after 20 days late.
Auto, Personal and Other Loans - No Application Fees.
Late Payment Fee After 10 Days Late$30.00
Money Orders$2.00 each
VISA Travel Money Card$5.00
Diamond Club Member Travel Card$3.00
Travel Money Card Reload$3.00
VISA Gift Card$5.00
Diamond Club Member Gift Card$3.00
Stop Payment on Official CheckAt Credit Union Cost
Incoming Wire Transfer of FundsNone
Outgoing Wire Transfer of Funds (Free To Diamond Club Members)$10.00
Returned Deposit Item$20.00
Returned Mail Per Occurrence (Daily)$3.00
Early Closure of Club Account$10.00
Dormant Account*$3.00 per month
Third Party Share Withdrawal Checks$2.00
Replace Memo Auto Title$5.00
Re-open Share Account Closed by CU$25.00
Tax Levy or Garnishment$25.00
Account Balance or History Printout$.25 per page
Copy of Statement$2.00 per page
Fax Copy Sent$1.25 per page
Notary PublicNo Charge
CarFax® Vehicle History Report (refunded if you get a Vehicle Loan from us)$15.00
Non-member Check Cashing Fee$10.00
Coin Machine Conversion Fee5% of Transaction Amount
Safe Deposit Boxes are available in varying sizes at the Main Office.

* The first business day of each month a $3.00 monthly dormant account fee will be charged to a member's Share/Savings Account which has not shown any deposit or withdrawal activity (except dividend payments) for 2 consecutive years. Members who have more than a single Share Account such as Checking, IRA, Club Accounts, Loans, and VISA® will not be charged a fee. Youth Accounts are also exempt.