Financial Center Partners

The Financial Center was established by the Credit Union to help our members work out their own financial framework. A well thought out financial plan is essential to future security. Members can begin with a thorough analysis of their present financial standing. Budgeting information is available. A diverse selection of annuities, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is offered for investment. Insurance policies for life, home, or auto are also offered. Tax assistance is available. The latest addition to the Financial Center is legal assistance. For more information click any where you see Financial Center.

No other financial institution surpasses GCCU in offering the means for meeting the financial needs of the day and the challenges of the future. Members are urged to think of their savings account along with Term Share Certificates and other types of savings as the basic foundation for their financial well being.

The companies which make up the Credit Union's Financial Center offer services which most members feel necessary. The organizations have been carefully selected and screened. They are considered leaders in their fields. However, none of the investment products they offer fall under the insurance guarantees available for the Credit Union Savings Accounts.

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Investment and Advisory services offered through our Financial Center Partner relationships are not affiliated with the Greater Cincinnati Credit Union. Non-deposit investments are not subject to share insurance provided by American Share Insurance and are not  guaranteed or obligations of the Greater Cincinnati Credit Union. Investments involve risk and may lose value.